£10 Swift Card Birmingham

The cashless way to travel. No more hassle finding the exact change, just ask your bus or tram driver for your ticket when you board. With most bus operators accepting Pay As You Go and offering a discount, as well as discounted fares on Midland Metro, if you pay cash on the bus or tram then switch today to start saving.

Once you've spent your initial £10 credit, you can keep topping the card up with between £10 and £50 using our handy click and collect service, your local Travel Centre or over 250 Payzone outlet.

For a truly smart experience turn on Auto Top-Up. By using your online account linked to a bank card we can keep your card ready to use. When your credit reaches £10 or less, the card reader on the bus will automatically top it up with £20, £30 or £40 – whichever amount you choose.

You can find out more about our range of handy day tickets and the discount with Pay As You Go here.

To find out if your bus operator accepts Pay As You Go, click here and select their name from the list.

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